Supplies available to purchase from packing boxes to bubble wrap

  Roy Jacks Removals offer a range of packing materials to ensure belongings are packed and stored safely and securely. Our packaging solutions are suitable for all types of removals, from domestic to commercial. From garment boxes and cartons, to bubble wrap and tape, our packing supplies are available from our warehouse in Widnes.  

Packing boxes and more available from Roy Jacks Removals in Cheshire

Book Carton £2.00

This carton measures 46cm wide, 36cm high and 34cm deep. It is ideal for packing items which are small but still heavy, such as books, files and paperwork.

Large Carton £3.00

A larger box measuring 46cm wide, 52cm high and 46cm deep. Suitable for transporting anything from electrical items to kitchen crockery and cutlery through to children’s toys.

Linen Bags £2.00 per pack of 10 bags

Used to protect and transport linen such as duvets, pillows and towels.

Packing Paper £6.00 per pack of 300 sheets

Specially developed paper for wrapping and packing fragile items such as glasses, china and crockery.

Bubble Wrap £4.00 per roll

A roll of bubble wrap measuring 10m x 50cm. Provides additional padding for fragile items such as ornaments.

Paper Blankets £2.00 per blanket

Ideal for wrapping around larger items for protection, such as pictures, mirrors and even furniture.

Garment Box £8.00

Transport your clothes without risking creasing them with a garment box. These boxes come complete with a garment rail running along the top, allowing you to hang your clothing items as you would in your wardrobe. They can be closed and sealed, so that your items stay protected during the move.

Box Tape £1.50 per roll

Extra strong tape to secure your boxes.    

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